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CWRA Alberta Branch Annual Conference 2014 Info

2013 Alberta Floods: The Rains, Response, Recovery & Resiliency

March 23-25, 2014
Calgary, Alberta

We had almost 200 attendees, and by all accounts the conference was a huge success!  The organizing committee would like to thank all of the sponsors and exhibitors that made this conference a success.

Conference Program and Presentations

Presentations were recorded at the conference and where available can be found on the Alberta Land Use Knowledge Network Website.

$19 500 in Conference proceeds donated to Samaritan’s Purse

All conference proceeds after expenses were donated to Samaritan’s Purse a charitable organization that is continuing to be actively involved in flood disaster relief in Alberta and around the world.  Thanks to everyone for their support.

Conference Sponsors

CWRA would like to thank the following Sponsors and Exhibitors for making the conference a success!

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Conference Exhibitors


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Conference Proceedings



Monday March 24, 2014
7:308:30Registration (Tower Building – Lower Level), Visit Exhibitors (Bonavista Anteroom Room)
8:308:40Welcome Remarks: Rick Carnduff (Conference Chair)
8:409:00Opening Address
Session 1 – Mountain Hydrology Moderator: Rick Carnduff
9:009:30The Science behind The Flood: Mountain Hydrology Relating to the Alberta Floods of June 2013 John Pomeroy, Canada Research Chair in Water Resources and Climate Change & Director of the Centre for Hydrology, University of Saskatchewan
9:3010:00Changes to Autumnal Streamflow Features in the North American Rocky Mountains Paul Whitfield, Centre for Hydrology, University of Saskatchewan
10:0010:30Break, Visit Exhibitors (Bonavista Anteroom Room)
Session 2 – Floods and Flood Risk Moderator: Rick Carnduff
10:3011:00What History Tells Us about Major Floods Along the Rocky Mountain Eastern Slopes Roger Drury, Hydro Engineering Group, TransAlta
11:0011:30Floods, Floodplains and Functional Flows in Southern Alberta Stewart Rood & John M. Mahoney
11:3012:00Exercise Design for the Black Swan / Planning and Preparation for Disaster Response and Recovery Graham Strickert, Global Institute for Water Security & Changing Cold, University of Saskatchewan
12:0013:00Lunch & Presentation by Samaritan’s Purse
Session 3 – Flood Forecasting, Response, and Recovery Moderator: Andrew Chan
13:0013:30Flood Forecasting Methodology in Alberta Colleen Walford, River Forecast Team, Alberta Environment & Sustainable Resources Development
13:3014:002013 River Flooding, a City of Calgary Perspective Frank Frigo, Infrastructure Planning, Water Resources, City of Calgary
14:0014:30Update from Alberta’s Flood Recovery Task Force Syed Abbas, Southern Alberta Flood Recovery Task Force
14:3014:45Break, Visit Exhibitors (Bonavista Anteroom Room)
Session 4 – Panel Discussion with Affected Municipalities Moderator: Andrew Chan
14:4515:45Town of Canmore (Andy Esarte), City of Calgary (Tom Sampson), Town of High River (Albert Flootman)
15:4516:45Panel Discussion with Affected Municipalities
Day 2 – CWRA 2014 Conference Program
Tuesday March 25, 2014
7:308:30Registration (Lower Level), Visit Exhibitors (Bonavista Anteroom Room)
Session RoomWillow ParkBonavista/ParkviewFairview/Acadia
Session 5 – Innovative Technologies and Flood Management Moderator: Greg MacCullochSession 6 – Flood Hydrology & Interactions Moderator: George RomanSession 7 – City of Vancouver Coastal Flood Risk Assessment: Obstacles and Successes Moderator: Tamsin Lyle
8:309:00Supporting Flood Mitigation and Water Management Decisions in the Bow River Basin through Collaborative River System Modelling Michael W. NemethWater Quality in Southern Alberta Surface Waters, Post-flood 2013 Wendell Koning, Cecilia Chung, and Natalie KromreySpecial Session including: Planning for the Novel Challenges of Sea Level Rise in an Urban Context Flood Modelling and Hazard Mapping in an Urban Coastal Environment Flood Risk Assessment in an Urban Coastal Environment: Obstacles and Successes

Talk 1, Talk 2 & Talk 3

9:009:30Integrated Modelling for Land and Water Management in the Elbow River Watershed Danielle MarceauComplex Interactions: Flooding along the Highwood and Little Bow Rivers Stephen G. Foster & Evan Hillman
9:3010:002D Hydraulic Modeling for Urban Flood Mapping on the Elbow River Patrick Delaney, Peter Onyshko, Joe GroeneveldFloods and Flows along the Red Deer River, Alberta Laurens Philipsen
10:0010:30Break, Visit Exhibitors (Bonavista Anteroom Room)
Session 8 – Innovative Technologies and Flood Management Moderator: Greg MacCullochSession 9 – Understanding Flood Risk Moderator: George RomanSession 10 – Town of High River Flood Mitigation Measures Moderator: Efrain Giron
10:3011:00Data Fit For Purpose Greg MacCullochAlberta’s Flood Hazard Identification Program Rohit SharmaSpecial Session including: Flood Impacts and Mitigation Flood Modelling Efforts Flood Mitigation Decision Support System
11:0011:30Role of Remote Sensing Technology in Flood Management Victor VeigaFlood Frequency Analysis and Forecasting under Non-stationary Scenarios Jennifer He
11:3012:00Elk River: Before, During and After the Flood of Record Andrew WiensThe (Under-recognized) Role of Groundwater in Flooding Cathy Ryan
12:0013:00Lunch (Bonavista Ballroom), Visit Exhibitors
Session 11 – Enhancing Flood Resilience through Natural Resources Moderator: Susan RyanSession 12 – Approaches to Flood Risk Moderator: Corinne ArkellSession 13 – Flood Recovery, Reconstruction & Mitigation Moderator: Maggie Romuld
13:0013:30After the Flood: Managing Riparian Lands for Resilience Judy StewartWill Intense Floods Provide New Focus on Spending Flood Protection Resources Wisely: Risk-Based or Standard Based Flood Policy in Canada Dave MurrayThe Destruction of the Johnson’s Island Dyke and its Impacts Derek Lovlin 
13:3014:00A World Without Floods: Reliance of riparian area functions on the flood pulse and their resilience to the flood events of southern Alberta Amanda HalawellMRAT: Changing Climate, Municipal Infrastructure and Flood Risk Solutions Bruce MacArthur & Dave PooleCarseland Bow River Headworks – Johnson’s Island Dyke & Fuse Plug Repair Chad Nixon
14:0014:30Why Wetlands and Riparian Areas Matter Jay WhiteExtreme event prediction and uncertainty analysis in the Bow River: a data-driven approach using fuzzy numbers Usman KhanPriddis Creek Flood Mitigation: From 2005 Disaster to 2013 Success Paul Kemp 
14:3015:00Break, Visit Exhibitors (Bonavista Anteroom Room)
Session 14 – Enhancing Flood Resilience Through Natural Resources Moderator: Susan RyanSession 15 – Economic and Social Implications Moderator: Corinne ArkellSession 16 – Flood Recovery, Reconstruction & Mitigation Moderator: Maggie Romuld
15:0015:30Flood Resilience and Headwaters Management Carolyn CampbellFlooding Discourse: Perceptions and Practices of the 2013 Flood Management in High River, Alberta Eva A. BogdanFlood Impacts on Rural Sections of the Highwood River, Sheep River, and Threepoint Creek within the M.D. of Foothills Greg Courtice
15:3016:00Riparian Areas Mapping and Multi-objective Modelling for Riparian Management in the City of Calgary George RomanEconomic Impacts from the 2011 Flooding Event in the Souris River Basin Dave PooleFlood Recovery Efforts in Kananaskis Bob Askin & Fiona Mulvenna
16:00End of Conference